Euro-Border Flashpoint News #1

Week 28th September to 4th October, 2015

This is the first weekly update on the situation at Europe’s border hotspots. The aim is to collate and simplify information from a variety of sources so that more people can keep updated, and give an overiew of what is happening on the ground. Apologies for any unintentional ommissions.

Balkan Route

While in the beginning of September 2015, events were centred on Hungary, Austria and Germany, now the situation has moved South, towards Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece & Turkey.

New live feed about the situation at the borders by the Welcome To Europe network :

***Pass this on to anyone you know who is planning to travel***

Welcome2Europe is a transnational project providing migrants, refugees and freedom fighters with information and contacts. They have a homepage ( in English, French, Arabic, Farsi, where they compile information on every European country and some of the neighbouring countries available, about papers, asylum, the situation for minors, work permits, dublin, etc. They also try to provide up-to-date contacts for associations, NGOs, collectives and solidarity groups in European cities.

If you have any updates, additional information, any questions etc, contact: Welcome2Europe are currently looking for translators who can translate short texts from English into French.

There is also a Balkan Route update blog here: On 2nd October – the Hungarian police registered 4.796 irregular border crossings at the Croatian-Hungarian border.


28th September 2015 – an Iraqi man thought to be in his early twenties crushed to death by falling pallets in the trailer of a lorry on the N216

2nd October 2015 – over 200 people without papers break through the razorwire fences and invade the Channel Tunnel, trying to reach England. According to authorities, some travelled 10 miles through the tunnel before being stopped. There are no reports of anyone succefully travelling the length of the tunnel. The tunnel is closed all night. At about 8.30 the following morning, people without papers barricade the highway above the jungle (migrant camp), stopping trucks and climbing inside. Over 100 people are arrested in the tunnel, 7 injured by police.

3rd October 2015 – enormous fight erupts in the jungle (migrant camp), resulting in some serious injuries, including stabbing:

“Today started with a fabulous bit of news, then went downhill fast. Working to set up the new medical caravans we could hear a lot of activity from a food distribution; and within minutes a Kurdish-Iraqi guy stumble into the ‘reception’ chair with blood pouring out of him like a tap. It appeared that he had been queuing at the distribution when a Sudanese man joined his friend in front, instead of joining the line. The argument turned to a whether the Kurdish man had a gun, it escalated until he was beaten over the head with a length of wood. As the Dr started to clean him up & treat the wound we were told to get him out of the jungle before they came back to kill him. He was bandaged quickly and taken to the hospital. We expected that there would be a revenge attack in the evening, but when we next looked out there was a group of around 150 Kurds marching down the road towards the Sudanese area with wooden batons. And then the fighting really started; with the medical centre right in the middle. I jumped into my car and as I started to reverse out of the area the first rock hit the car. I saw an older French lady, Margot, in my mirror and after bundling her into the back I started to drive away. Rocks were being thrown from all directions and as I put my arm up to protect myself from any that might hit the windscreen, a large rock smashed through the back window, hit the front dashboard and dropped to the floor. After several more hits we left the camp and drove to the volunteers area. 4 Iraqis, not involved in the fighting, kindly removed the remaining glass from the window and cleared all the glass out of the car. Margot & I are OK, the other medics in our team are fine, all London 2 Calais guys distributing are ok, but there are many casualties from the camp – including a 13 year old Sudanese boy stabbed in the stomach ? …Let’s see what tomorrow brings ?”


30th September – around 200 police and carabinieri arrive in riot gear at dawn to evict the migrants and No Border camp. In six hours, two bulldozers and three trucks demolish the camp, a place of solidarity, built in three months thanks to the support of migrants and activists from all across Europe. The eviction is resisted from the rocks on the beach at Ventimiglia, some people go into the sea to avoid capture.

Report and pictures:
Some videos here:

Recently there have been around 150 people in the camp at any one time. It has been heavily attacked, by the media and local and national politicians. The repression of the camp has been severe, many activists have been charged with expulsion orders and many migrants have been detained. The crossing from Italy to France is very difficult due to the controls that have been deployed on both sides. These controls, premised on racial profiling, are being repeated in the other big cities in Italy where trains leave to Monaco or Germany.

4th October – demonstration at Ventimiglia in response to the eviction

Morocco / Spanish Border

The following report summaries translated from Spanish, compiled by No Borders Morocco.

27th September – a woman named Helena Maleno Garzón @HelenaMaleno tweets in Spanish that a man fell six metres from the top of one of the three razorwire fences built to keep undocumented people out of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. She says, “The Guardia Civil don’t want to help him because he is black.”

In a separate event, 7 people succesfully arrive in Malaga in Spain by boat. inmigrantes-frente-a-costas-de-nerja-malaga.html

30th September – 28 people succesfully arrive in Motril in Spain by boat.
On the same day, the trial begins of two Cameroonian citizens, tried for the murder of an as yet

unknown number of people (15-30) who drowned on 5th December last year millas-sur-motril-20150930174019.html procesados-muerte-15-30-personas-patera-20150930142519.html

1st October – 100 people attempt to storm the fence that separates the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco, without success. 58 people succesfully arrive in Almeria in Spain. 29 people safely arrive in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta onboard five separate boats. llegan-ceuta-madrugada-20151001125243.html trece-inmigrantes-en-una-playa-de-ceuta.html marruecos-cuando-dirigian-valla-melilla-20151001173520.html inmigrantes_0_437106299.html

And finally….

Sadly, a press report that Ryan Air had decided to start admitting refugees onto it’s planes in a project called “RyanFair” turned out to be fake: seekers_n_8221070.html