Sea-Watch Air

Airplane to assist rescue: Sea-Watch Air starts mission

To oversee the situation in the Central Med better and detect refugee boats faster we are going to deploy an airplane in the near future.

The already fully equipped microlight airplane began its journey from Germany towards Tunisia on 21st June. After completion of a preparation period including pilot training and test flights, the aerial reconnaissance will start shortly and continue as long as flight conditions are favourable and the crisis in the Med prevails.

We are going to use the airplane for aerial reconnaissance in the Central Med to extend our humanitarian mission in cooperation with Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI) under the name Sea-Watch Air.

The catastrophic conditions for refugees call for a more efficient marine Search and Rescue (SAR) operations and aerial monitoring. This enables us to scan the entire SAR area and to coordinate the rescue efforts of the NGOs deployed in the area.

Source: Sea Watch